Saturday, October 23, 2010

Monkey Makes Whoopie

Flying Monkey is one of the latest bakeries to enter into the whoopie pie running. The cupcakes are pretty good, so we figured the pies may be just as good.

I hadn't had a whoopie pie before trying the chocolate-chocolate from Whole Foods - it had a good moistness and the filling was marshmallowy without being stingingly sweet.

Flying Monkey has pies in two sizes and had a few flavors to offer...vanilla, chocolate and SnickerDoodle.

We bought a chocolate and a vanilla;
the chocolates pie was a little on the dry side and the filling, while decently flavored, was a bit too soft and tended to run. The vanilla was much better...larger pie made for a moist cake and the filling was more marshmallowy.

At 2.50 each, vs. 4 for $6 at Whole Foods, the pies are a bit short on value.

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