Monday, October 27, 2008

Dmitri's - Good Cheap Eats

They pack 'em in here at Dmitri's but it's worth the tight quarters and the wait; grab a drink at the bar across the street (New Wave Cafe) and the waitress will come and get you when a table opens up. Elizabeth and I arrived just after 9 on a Friday and ended up spending a half-hour waiting across the street. It's worth it though.

We ordered the grilled octopus, which seemed to be a must based on the reviews here. It was so-so..good grill flavor and swimming in olive oil & vinegar. It seemed a bit too tough and hard to cut with the dull knives...maybe it was tougher & dried out because this order was later in the night? I'll have to go back and try it again to see if it was a fluke.

The smelts were delicious...lightly dusted and fried crisp, it was like seafood french fries. Just as good as fried anchovies at Amada. The portions here are on the gargantuan size. Elizabeth witnessed the table behind us receive a pile of feta cheese blocks the size of a small brick.

We split the lamb entree. Roasted, sliced and grilled, the lamb was full of char-flavor...only regret was the lack of decent knife to slice it with. Notice in the photo above Elizabeth furiously sawing away with a butter knife.

The lamb rested on a bed of roasted peppers and was served with a cucumber-yogurt sauce that smoothed out the intense smoky flavor of the grill. The warm olive oil drizzle greens and rice was a decent & simple side.

Service was friendly and fast. Great night out for under $45...this is a BYOB that's cash only...and if you're ordering the lamb, make sure you BYOK...Knife!

C & E

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