Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Crepe Noh More? Paul's Joshua Noh's Final Review

It looks like Joshua Noh, the chef at Paul who likely served up this tasty plate, has left the kitchen. Does this mean no more crepes?

Jan. 30th was Chef Noh's last night at Paul, the West Washington BYOB that had been building up some decent reviews. Here's his side of the story, posted over on Yelp and has since been deleted - thanks to a savvy buddy of mine who scooped up the cached version of the 'review'.
I apologize to people who enjoyed my food and appreciate your support of a young chef and I can't thank you enough for giving me a try. Due to differences with ownership I was forced to leave to prevent further disruption of this terribly managed restaurant. It still has potential but just not with me at this moment.

Bummer, we were just starting to look forward to living a few blocks from this place. Let's hope that everything works out for both the young chef and the young restaurant.

Don't know if the link is still valid, but if you care to read the full excerpt...

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