Monday, April 12, 2010

Morris House Hotel & M Restaurant

Beautiful Spring day a few weeks back and we just had to have that first meal outside. Not being in the mood for a major outing, we settled on a few small plates in the courtyard of the M House Hotel & Restaurant.

Here's the sign on 8th beckoning you into the courtyard to enjoy a glass of wine and an empanada. Yes, wine & empanadas..I'll get to that in a minute. The wines-by-the-glass were a little pricey, but you're paying for the atmosphere of the courtyard...a fair trade on a gorgeous Spring afternoon.

First, some pretty standard but delicious bruschetta...this was goat cheese with tiny diced squash made for a unique topping.

The truffled honey & rich creamy Delice de Bourgogne cheese is a combo that I'm putting in the rotation at home.

But this is what I was really there for...empanadas. The flaky crust was perfect - I could only imagine how much lard or shortening went into these beauties. I heard that the same family that runs the restaurant has been trying to open an Italian/Argentinian place down in the Italian Market and that the empanadas were going to be featured there as well.

While the ham & cheese was a classic combination, our favorite filling was the meat, egg & olive empanadas. A well-seasoned filling (possibly cumin?), these lived up to the hype - just look at the consistency of the crust and the gooey, savory filling. They have a special that allows you to sample all 3 varieties of empanada for $16.

Their menu was extensive enough that we could've enjoyed a full service but it really makes for a great pit-stop on a day when you're out & about in the Washington Square West section of Center City.


  1. This is the best kept secret in Wash West. The garden is an oasis, an amazing getaway from life where you can sit and have your glass of wine while unwinding from our lousy jobs. This is my hangout and love it. A really fair priced lunch and dinner menu make this a real find in a world of expensive restaurants that are popping up all over the place. This is where you go to feel like you are in another world, and here it is, right in center city. Recommend it highly for happy hour groups or to just get away alone, like I do a few times a week. Family owned and operated, it is all about the customer and everyone makes you feel happy about being there. The warmer weather will make this THE place to go. Just love it. Find out for yourself.

  2. I agree. I walked by this place for years wondering what it was, a private home, a secret reserved catered space? Now that it is open full time, I go to get my fix of a great martini and their amazing bruschettas once a week. But I must say that I do love the homemade ravioli's that are made by Dora, the chef's mom. They are to die for. Lots of good choices that are reasonably priced, like the person said above, make this one of my favorite places to relax.

  3. Life is good when there is a garden to escape to in the middle of the city. Service is prompt so we can go to the theatre on time, and the food is fair priced, and what's not to love about sitting in our own neighborhood oasis. We are lucky to have it open now.