Saturday, December 13, 2008

Yelp Review: Cedars Middle Eastern Restaurant

Cedars Middle Eastern RestaurantA very clean atmosphere...suitable for dinner, not just a little lunch or grab and go establishment.

My wife & I dropped in to sample some appetizers for a light lunch and were pleasantly pleased. The service was attentive & friendly.

We ordered:

Dolmades - The rice-stuffed grape leaves were served warm with lemon...perfectly seasoned.

Foul Moudamas - This is a blend of cooked fava beans, lemon and garlic. The beans had been cooked to a semi-soft consistency and made a rich broth. I'd never tried this before and was pleasantly surprised.

Falafel - A simple well crisped patty of beans, served with pickle, tomato & a tahini sauce...this went great with the pita bread they serve at the table...we rolled them up and had mini-falafel sandwiches.

I'm not sure if the prices are reasonable or not for the entrees, but I'd keep coming back for the appetizers, which comprise about half the menu...they even have a meze tasting that is nothing but a cavalcade of apps...might be the next thing we try.

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  1. I've never had Foul Moudamas either, but it looks totally delicious. Great blog!