Saturday, December 6, 2008

Yelp Review: Under the C @ Comcast Market

Comcast Market & Under the C

Lots of options here for lunch, but there were some good take-home after-work stores too in this upscale food court.

Of course you've got some good sweets to take home with Termini Bros. and there's Di Bruno Bros. for everything else. I also saw a produce stand with your basics and quite a few asian ingredients.

Under the C was a seafood market (clever play on words) that sold pre-made food as well as fresh seafood.

We sampled their shrimp toast (layered in cheese, the shrimp nuggets were good...they nearly sold out while we were waiting), shrimp dumplings & coconut shrimp.

Because it was the end of the day we got 50% the prepared food...the seafood looked fresh...they had a good deal on skate wing when I was there but I can't say if the fish was overpriced.

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