Monday, June 29, 2009

Fig Upsidedown Cakes

We spotted a humongous pint of Mission Figs down in the Italian Market this weekend and decided to spread them out across out menu one Saturday.

Blue-cheese stuffed, prosciutto wrapped and broiled, they made great appetizers. But the real must-make recipe was the mini Fig Up-side Down Cakes... link to the recipe.

Figs get doused in sugar, then go into a pan with butter.

A batter is mixed up with egg, flour, milk, and cinnamon, among other things.

The result is a fluffy batter that gets poured over the hot pans, coating the sizzling & sweet pile of sugared & buttered figs.

20 minutes later in a 400 degree oven, you've got a figgy-cinnamon muffin.

Flipping it over, you can see the butter-cooked sugared figs creating a sweet crust around the rim of a pillowy-soft cinnamon spiked muffin pastry.

Some people serve this with a gelato or didn't last long enough to let the ice-cream come up to temp. Elizabeth used our mini tapas pans to create individual might be able to get away with this in ramekins as well...the mini-cakes would make a great end to a dinner party.

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  1. Those look wonderful! I was just doing some research on fig desserts for an upcoming party, I might just try this one, thanks for posting the link to the recipe.