Sunday, April 26, 2009

Blogger Birthday

Some random pics from a birthday party hosted by an acquaintance & fellow blogger Gaetano over at Philly Market Cafe.

If you're a regular reader of Philly Market Cafe, then you don't need an explanation...for the rest of us, these are canele, a delicious caramelized and custard-like treat that Gaetano is soon-to-be famous fact, they may be coming to Headhouse Row Farmer's Market if the pastry gods are smiling on him.

For the full story on this bronzed baby, hop over to Gaetano's post.

Ready for the closeup...pork skin...crackly goodness.

While the suckling pig dominated the buffet table, the real star were the Shrimp Rolls...packed with basil and other greenery, here you can see some tasty shrimp tucked away...there was even a bracing bite of pepper hiding out among those leafy greens...a pleasant surprise. I think I stopped at five of these, but only because people were staring.

Here's a good cross section of the food that Gaetano and his 'little lady' (as he calls her) had prepared for their guests...homemade guac, tangy chicken wings, shrimp rolls, a massive canele and even some quails eggs thrown in for good measure.

Thanks again for having Elizabeth & I out to your party G!

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  1. Damn baby, thanks for your sweet words!

    We appreciated you guys popping over to celebrate with us.