Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Quick Bites - Crispy Herbed Goat Cheese Stacks

We had some spring roll pastry sheets laying around, so we used a pizza wheel to create 2 inch squares, then brushed them with olive oil and threw in a 450 degree oven.

While the sheets crisped up in the oven, we mixed in some Herbes de Provence with soft goat cheese.

When the sheets were brown, we pulled them and stacked up small dollops of goat cheese atop a cripsy square.


  1. O awesome idea for left over spring roll pastry sheets! I never actually make all of them at a time, and the sheets don't last long once opened.

  2. Holly,

    Another thing we use them for is a simple cracker to go with a balsamic-spiked tuna spread. I remember Amada having these paper-thin crisps that are served with their opening tuna spread.

    You can almost get these like those Amada crisps if you cut them in half-sheets, brush with olive oil and sprinkle with herbage.

    I'd love to see more examples of what to do with these things...they do go stale so fast.