Sunday, April 12, 2009

Road Trip - Greenwood Chicken BBQ

The sign says it all. We find ourselves traveling back and forth between PA and VA quite a bit on Rt. 13 and we always wondered what the deal was with the BBQ place in Greenwood.

One Sunday we saw a great plume of smoke coming up from the firehouse/BBQ shed and the sign ahead announced CHICKEN IS READY. We nosed the Mustang over to the side and sauntered into the gravel-floored tractor shed.

There was an assembly line of volunteer firemen waiting for us and within seconds after handing over our cold cash ($5? I can't quite remember) we were greeted with a smoking hot half-chicken, pickles, rolls and bag of chips (sodas in the cooler are extra).

Normally my experience with BBQ chicken has been slathered on sweet sauce out of a squeeze bottle, so when I saw a spice-rubbed roaster without a hint of sauce I was happy.

Elizabeth proceeded to show me the proper way to tear into a grilled chicken (yeah, I was a bucket-chicken eater my whole life) that was dripping with moist juices but crispy all along the spiced skin.

Normally we stop for seafood on Rt. 13 in Virginia at the Metompkin Market or Machipungo Clam Shack, but we're adding this place to our approved Delaware roadside joints.

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  1. Just watch your speed in Greenwood the cops love out of town speeders

  2. I ride from cambridge md for this chicken it is really good