Saturday, November 29, 2008

Eastern Shore Excursion: Metompkin Seafood Market

On the opposite end of the cooking spectrum from The Machipongo Clam Shack 'lighter fare' is the Metompkin Seafood Market...fried (fresh) seafood that's so good you know it's bad for you!

I love the way that the menu is hand-lettered, crossed out and taped over. I noticed that the price of french fries has been dropping steadily from the scribbled out prices.

There's no dining area inside, just a counter full of fresh seafood and a register. We ordered up some fried clams & fish and browsed the seafood while we waited.

While we waited there was a steady flow of locals coming in and out picking up crab cake guy grabbed a sack of 8...I think his family had sent him on a crab cake run.

These little beauties smelled like the ocean...salty and fresh, with no bad wiffs.

We should've ordered only HALF of this...the portions were enormous. The fish batter was your standard corn-meal base, the fish was flaky & tasted like flounder but I didn't remember to ask what they used until we had left. Plus, I recalled seeing they had alot of fresh flounder for sale.

Fried clams were good, but we'll try the crab cake sandwich next time as it seemed to be the local's pick.

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  1. great food fresh relaxed atmoshpere will go back again and again