Saturday, November 15, 2008

Road Trip: Sly Fox Brewery

We'd planned on going to Winterthur Gardens but the grounds were absolutely drenched from a week of rain, so instead we stuck to the byways. After having some great craftbrew from Sly Fox, I wanted to check out one of their two breweries, so we cruised out to Phoenixville in the Mustang.

After cruising up the Main Line, then doing some 'car-commercial' quality driving through a few hollows, we landed in the parking lot of the Sly Fox brewery.
It wasn't that interesting on the outside. Located in a shopping mall, it had a small patio ourside...but it's what's inside that I was after.

Here's Mini-Guinni...the O'Reilly Stout served in a small sampler glass...look at the perfect pour on the glass. The nice thing here is that you can get a sampler of 5 beers for $6.

Here we have, from left to right:
  • Aurora IPA - A very hoppy ale, with a lot of body...try it once just to say you had it
  • Berliner Weisse - A summer sipper...thin, smooth, slightly sour/citiric
  • O'Reilly Stout - A dry stout for Guinness-drinkers
  • Black Raspberry Reserve - Not terrbily sweet at all...which is a good thing
  • Saison Brune - Had that good 'barnyard' character that comes from saison...malty goodness
You can tell from the uneven pours in the picture the first two we went for...Elizabeth took a sip on the Raspberry and I went straight for the Saison Brune. I have to admit, my favorite beers lately have been those you'd find in N. France/S.Belgium...saisons and biere de garde...welcome diversions from German wheats.

C & E

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