Saturday, May 16, 2009

Italian Market Festival - Bebe's BBQ

Here's a great sight to see at the Italian Market Festival...a BBQ'er hawking the product.

BBQ is the latest Philly fad for pork-based sandwiches. My wife is a BBQ lover and Southern native, so her BBQ taste-profile is fine tuned...disclosure...she's a South-Eastern BBQ aficionado...which means vinegar-vinegar-vinegar...and a hint sweet sauce.

Here's the final result...BBQ with crunchy smoky bits served on a soft bun...for a brief second we thought we were back in the home.

If you want a run-down of the sides at Bebe hop over to vegetarian blogger Mac & Cheese.

If you want to know what the deal with the main attraction at Bebe's is, then look no further...since moving up to Philly from southern Virginia, we haven't found a BBQ sandwich with the same vinegary-spicy combo. Bebe's is certified southern BBQ pork.


  1. Hello, I am the hawker girl and I must say that my wonder twin power came out of me for the fest. I did not even loose my voice after 2 days of hawking!

  2. Hey Tara!

    You're a pro! I bet you sold alot of BBQ that day.

    Bebe's is our new go-to for good BBQ in Philly. Keep on cookin!

  3. It's hard to admit, being a Texan - but I really don't care for the sweet bbq sauces. I still prefer Texas BBQ - but I much, much prefer the vinegar based sauces. That would have been a fun thing to do together - wish we could have been there.