Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Varga Bar Grand Opening

First off, I should warn you, I'm a WWII history fanatic...and the perfect fusion of art, erotica & history is the nose art on the bombers of WWII planes. Varga Bar is a gastro-pub tip of the hat to the 'Greatest Generation'.

Varga is evocative of the's a snapshot of the coasters...proof enough? Finger bowls of Chex Mix for snacking.

Foodwise, Varga's a pic of the crab & cheese fries; freshness of the crab meat was noticeable...sprinkled in parmesan & white cheddar, these fries avoided the gloppy mess you can run into with cheese topping...perfect pub-grub.

'Battleship Row'...the business end of Varga Bar. I read earlier that VB's shtick was 'ALL-AMERICAN' food and beer and the tap list was a decent balance of west-coast/east-coast/local beers.

Look up for Heavenly Bodies

Here's a shot of the ceiling..I felt like I was in the barracks of a WWII bomber crew...all these lovely ladies smiling down on the crush of opening night patrons. Bonus...the mixed drinks are seasonal and tote the title 'Miss May', 'Miss June' & 'Miss July'...I just hope Miss December is a hot toddy.

Speaking of custom libations, Flying Fish brewers were there to open the's a shot of my IPA being poured straight from the firkin.

Varga has invested heavily in the retro B&W they've got TONS of outside seating, as well as comfy booth seating, as pictured here.

Oh, and for the beer-hounds out there, they do growlers. Tria has company...Varga is two blocks closer to our abode and a little heartier on the food angle...looks like Washington Square West denizens have yet another gastro option to call their 'local'.

Another shot of the IPA & stylized coasters...I saw two hand-pumps as well on the bar, but I was so focused on the firkin that I neglected to find out what was on pump.

Cutesy touch...the tab was served in a mini Silver Bullet can...and yes, if you want a REAL silver bullet or PBR they've got you covered too.


  1. Do you have to buy the empty growler from them or can I bring the one I already have?

  2. You know, I didn't ask that night. I'll ask next time. The bartender, Ian (sp?) was friendly enough and a pretty knowledgeable guy.