Friday, October 23, 2009

Takeout at Stella? Not Stella...

I've been spotting those little take-out boxes in people's hands emerging from Stella, the new Starr thin-crust pizza place across from the Headhouse Shambles on 2nd. In the mood for some pizza one night, we decided to give it the premium-topping menu a try.

The toppings on these were great...the arugula and prosciutto was particularly tasty, with a little peppery crunch pairing up with the flavorful ham. The classic Marghereta was OK...the sauce, while tangy, lacked a depth of flavor but the cheese was rich and gooey.

The only complaint I'd have has more to do with the fact that the crispiness of the crust just doesn't survive the walk home, and this was kind of a bummer because it defeated the purpose of take-out as the crust crispiness as what makes these pies exemplary.

To be fair, I don't think there are any thin-crusts that can survive a 5 to 10 minute trip without losing some of their edge, but I was hoping that there may have been something a little different about this crust after all of the attention that was given its conception by the foodie-press.

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