Monday, July 28, 2008

Antique & Farmer's Market Weekend

Saturday was wonderfully sunny, so we decided to go for a walk around town to hit three or four markets. I was looking for some used ties (my collection is getting stale) and Elizabeth was on the hunt for Bakelite...apparently she's developed a habit thanks to a gifted bracelet from her friend.

First, we dropped by Headhouse Row to breeze by the open air vendor stalls. One stand had a cool array of jewelry made from recycled typewriter keys.

Check out these cufflinks! If only I had more French cuff shirts.

I like the rings too, but it's a little to punk-rock for for a librarian..or a typist.

I found a few other interesting places. One is called the Philadelphia AIDS Thrift and it' spretty much a hodge podge of everythign you could imagine...clothes (picked up a pair of designer ties for $5)...glassware (got a Warstiener gold-rimmed pilsner glass for $3)...and every other peice fo junk imaginable.

We ended up at a re-converted Jewish synagogue and inside vendors had set up little stalls. One place had a literal box full of Bakelite. The lady that ran the place was very knowledgeable and has been collecting Bakelite since shewas a kid. She asked Elizabeth how long she had been a Bakelite addict! Elizabeth ended up getting an orange-white mix bangle and I bought a pair of Bakelite dice for $8.

Another place was playing old swing music and had display cases spilling over with toys, pin-up girls and 40's memorabilia. Check out the Star Wars spread here.

Here's a funny salt & pepper shaker Elizabeth spotted. Apparently this gal's seen better days, as she seems to have shaken loose her pepper pot.

All that shopping got us hungry, so we dropped into a little Vietnamese sandwich shop. The store was the size of a large bathroom and a little old lady was behind a massive cooler cranking out Bahn Mi. Imagine a Spring Roll on a hoagie bun and you've got a Bahn Mi...fresh from bean-thread noodles, crunchy with veg (carrot, cilantro, lettuce) and savory with a shredded pork or sliced meat filling...and only $3!

Later on we went down to the Italian Market and picked up a fresh Pineapple for $3...I was on the hunt for Duck, but didn't find anything read to go that night that looked decent.

Sunday was the farmer's market at Headhouse Row, where we picked up all this fresh local grow product; Duck Breast, French Bread, Jersey Tomatoes, Blueberry-Chipotle Salsa, Goat Cheese, Peaches, Cilantro, Tomatillos and a bunch of other veggies.
Here's my favorite thing we found at the market...a huge bunch of's like having a blast of sunshine with your breakfast every day.

C & E

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