Monday, July 28, 2008

Duck Spring Rolls

Inspired by the Bahn Mi sandwiches we had Saturday and driven by my obsession to cook Duck, we decided to make a Vietnamese Duck Spring Roll.

I seared a duck breast we bought at the farmer's market in a sizzling pan, fat-side down first to render out all that good fat. Then I turned the breast over to brown on the flesh side, while an oven heated to 375. Once I'd seared off the breast, it went into the over for about 10 minutes.

While I was playing with my duck, Elizabeth was showing her knife skills off and was chopping veg up for the rolls. Tiny carrot and cucumber matchsticks, hand-torn cilantro and some bean-thread noodles cooked and cooled.

I sliced the duck breast into thin strips, taking a few strips of that good fat & skin and re-frying it crispy-crunchy good. Next it's time to play with the food. We soaked the spring roll wrappers in lukewarm water till they were pliable, then laid an equal mix of carrot, cucumber, cilantro, bean-thread noodle and duck into each wrapper. Roll them up like a cigar, cut in half and arrange on a plate.
To accompany the spring rolls, we took soem of the Blueberry-Chipotle salsa we bought at the market and Vietnamized it...a drop of toasted sesame oil, dash of Soy Sauce, drip of Fish Sauce, squirt of Sriracha hot sauce and you had a sweet summer berry sauce perfect for duck.

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