Sunday, July 20, 2008

How to get crispy hashbrowns at home

Watching an episode of Jacques Pepin reminded me of the importance of technique, so I wanted to post one for hashbrowns. Before I figured out a better way to cook hashbrowns, my potato hash would turn out gray and gluey.

Step #1 Shred your potatoes (russets) directly into a large bowl of ice-water. Make sure it's a big bowl or pot and that there's plenty of water, as this is going to pull all the gluey starch off your hash.

Step #2 Drain your hash and then in small handfuls squeeze all the water this twice to make sure every every bit if water is out of the hash. I know it's an extra step, but that's the trick...super-dry hash.

Step #3 Get your pan of hot oil going, maybe three or four tablespoons, then sprinkle your hash in clumps...this lets the hash settle in and prevents it from become a compact hunk

Once your hash is golden brown and delicious, flip it and repeat of the other may have to drizzle some more oil if the pan is empty. Then quality hash from home

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