Monday, July 21, 2008

Calamari Success with Rice Flour

OK, the photo's a little blurry...but I was rushing to put down the camera and pick up my fork!

Imagine popcorn shrimp coated with KFC extra crispy topping. I used soda water to soak the squid tentacles, stirring it about with my hand to whip up a froth and plump up the squid.

A small pot of oil was going at 350, I placed a handful of squid into a large plastic container filled with rice flour, shook it about to completely coat the squid. Then, into the oil bath for 30 seconds back out and salted. The trick is to move quickly between the water, rice flour and oil and not give the rice flour a chance to clump up. Use a spider or wire mesh wok strainer to move your product safely.

Served with lemon garnish, some diced pickled peppers and some awesome marina sauce we made last week and froze it was a wonderful mix of crunchy goodness and bright acids.

C & E

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