Monday, August 4, 2008

Market Day

Went back to the Headhouse Row Farmer's Market this Sunday. Vendors start selling around 10AM, so we went early this week to get in on some of the best produce.

The market is never a dull scene...the place is literally packed with people shoulder to shoulder. The only downside to the market are the families that plow their way down the aisle with strollers...these things are 4 wheeled monstrosities that create huge human traffic's like the SUV of the farmers market and it's highly annoying being nailed in the heel every three steps by a stroller.

However, the pain is worth the's a snapshot of our bounty this stage are the zucchini blossoms. A box of 10 blossoms ran about 4.50..these things are beautiful.The melons, blue berries, peaches, romas and heirloom tomatoes are all Jersey grown...the herbs are all organic.

Here's a snapshot of the big gelato place in town...think ColdStone Creamery but Gelato...flavors like Mojito, Basil, and Mexican Chocolate were interesting, but the best were the simple flavors. Here's a dark chocolate & pistachio cup...we walked about 15 blocks to get to the place, so I'm thinking we burned up the calories getting there and back.

C & E

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