Monday, August 18, 2008

Proud Mary Keep on Rollin' - More Spring Roll Experiments

We picked up some real Spring Roll wrappers at Hung Vuong for .75 cents; these aren't your supermarket eggroll wrappers, but real Spring Roll pastry dough rolled out.

Here's a link to the recipe we used. In attempt to make them healthy, we baked the rolls and brushed them with olive oil. The results were just as crunchy as a fried spring roll.

Here they are laid out...fill them with your favorite stuffing ( I used shredded cabbage and pork OR shredded cabbage and chicken) 20 minutes later at 425 degrees you're ready to go.

Here's Elizabeth's mis-en-place...cucumber, bean sprouts, cilantro, carrots, seaweed and Thai licorice basil. Wrapped all together in a soaked rice spring roll wrapper and you've got a perfect summer roll.

Served with 5 kinds of sauce to span the 4 flavors...super hot Srirachi (HOT), hot mustard (hot), soy sauce & orange marmalade (Sweet), Ume plum vinegar (salty), and soy sauce & lime juice (bitter).

C & E

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