Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Beer Note: Bell's Cherry Stout

Bell's Cherry Stout

After gagging down a Sam Adam's Cherry Wheat back in the late 90's I vowed to avoid Cherry ANYTHING unless the bottle came wrapped in paper and was imported from Belgium. This beer changed my mind.

Picked it up at the Foodery on 10th & Pine.

There is not even a hint of sweetness to this's all in the black cherry family and the roasted character of the stout goes nicely with that deep, almost bitter black cherry mid-flavor.

Mouthfeel on this was decent...not too chewy, although as it warmed up the cherry and malt brought out a hint of sour aftertaste..think sour buttermilk more than sour cherry...not an unwelcome taste though, but I'll drink it in a frosty mug next time instead of a wine glass (my mug had just cracked in half yesterday and I was too lazy...errr...thisty to wash my pint-glass)

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