Saturday, January 10, 2009

Brother-in-Law Scallops

The Thai have a dish called son-in-law eggs in which an egg is boiled then deep-fried...recipe search begins here...the story goes that this was the only meal that a young suitor knew how to make when he cooked to impress the family of his prospective bride.

We seem to have developed a dish that our brother-in-law loves to drool over, judging by his comments on our blog...the seared scallop.

We cooked a Seared Scallop & Arugula, Clementine Salad over Christmas for the family and we couldn't help but tease him a bit. We splurged & bought some dry packed U-10's from our source in Reading Terminal Market, Johnny Yi.

This one's for you Chris!


  1. I am honored, C & E, to have a dish in my name! It looks exquisite, especially with the fancy sign!

    Thanks so much!

  2. Now he is going to want scallops. I guess we will have to visit Philly soon.