Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cochon BYOB Redux

Elizabeth & I returned to Cochon with another was still delicious, with a minor complaint on the cassoulet.

My wife's duck confit was served in a rich mahogany broth...very good on a cold Winter night. We spotted Chef Garces of Amada fame at the next table over enjoying the same starter...I wonder what he thought of it? After all, he beat Bobby Flay on Iron Chef America!

The crispy skate & frisee sald with lardon was the perfect crispy outside, flaky inside...the small potato wedges served in the salad were a little undercooked, but easily overlooked by the quality of the skate.

The rack of lamb, served with French lentils, was cooked precisely medium-rare...none of those skimpy little lamb racks here. The lentils were a surprise hit...they were 'al-dente' and delicious...not mushy at all (I've usually had bad luck with lentils)...I think they were the du Puy variety, tiny and green "like capers" my dining friend commented.

Cold night, what better to order than cassoulet, right? I'd never had it before so I was looking forward to Cochon's preparation. It was kind of 'meh'...served in a warm crock-plate, the beans were well seasoned, but seemed like they'd been sitting out a little long and were dry. The pork belly was also dry and the duck confit was a little over-salted. I could see how some people complain about the salt. The garlicky pork sausage saved the day..spicy and well-ground.

Finished with the chocolate cake. The server let us know it may take 10-15 minutes to prep, which was great because you know they were made to order and would be warm and oven-fresh. The molten chocolate cake erupted with syrupy sauce as we tore it apart with our spoons...well worth the wait.

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