Friday, January 2, 2009

South Philly Tap Room: Seafood Springroll

A friend & I dropped in for an afternoon beer while we were waiting for some work to be done at my house. He recommended the place for it's beer...the good food was a bonus.

The bartender was friendly and knowledgeable, pouring us a few samples before we decided on a pint...I had the Riverhorse Oatmeal Milk Stout (very good smoked flavor with decent medium body) and my friend had the Pliny the Elder Double IPA.

When we asked about food, the bartender mentioned that some of the latino guys working in the kitchen had been sharing their recipe for handmade tortillas and my friend, being a fan of authentic Mexican cuisine, jumped on the boar soft tacos, served with a pepper sauce.

I had the Seafood Springroll [picture above]...a crispy treat that was your standard GBD on the outside, but had a steamy soft inside owing to the the way the shrimp & I'm guessing crabmeat liquid had mingled into the roll as it fried. Served with a sweet/spicy peanutty dip and a more tangy fruity chop or compote, the two oversized springrolls made for a great midday snack.

I'll have to come back to see what the nightlife is like, but SPTR made for a great mid-day beer-diversion.

I'd have to come back and see if the same atmosphere & level of good service held up during peak times before I give it a fourth star.
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