Thursday, February 12, 2009

Beer Review - Yards' Love Stout

Love Stout...I love the bottle and love the beer.

If you've never ambled amidst the tattooed denizens of South St., the the irony of this bottle would be lost on you. The 'Mom' dagger & heart drew this beer off the shelf at the Foodery and into my satchel...the taste has me looking forward to finding it on tap around town.

After a winter of River Horse Oatmeal and Sly Fox O'Reilly, the Yards Love Stout offers a sweet diversion from the drier stouts.

It pours a true glass and finishes smooth, with enough caramel & toasty-ness to match the medium-body. No sourness in the all-around solid, sweeter stout.

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