Saturday, February 14, 2009

Median Meals? Quotations Offers Anything But.

We found ourselves in the suburbs of Philadelphia and in need of a decent weekend lunch. Last time on a pumpkin-gathering excursion, we enjoyed some apps & brews at Iron Hill in Media. I noticed Quotations from across the street...the front windows covered in wise words extolling the virtues of a well-poured pint and time spent in good company.

The tap list here is stunning for the suburbs...I enjoyed the Bells Hopslam, like Dogfish 120 Minute, the 10% ABV had plenty of muscle. Pictured here is a Winter Warmer...Elizabeth enjoyed De Dolle's Oerbier...a semi-sour Belgian.

What better to chase down some mid-day beer than with steamers; these little beauties came 1 1/2 dozen with a decent broth...a bit too much salt for my taste.

This is indulgence...fries smothered in crab-meat and cheese. I thought fries were a necessary evil when having steamed shellfish. I would've preferred a shredded cheese to a whiz, but it wasn't horrible...the fries were coated with Old Bay and made covered the usually metallic taste of Whiz.

Although Iron Brew was a great place to try some local brew, especially the samplers, I liked the tap selection at Quotations and have officially made this my go-to place for decent beer in West DelCo.

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