Friday, February 13, 2009

Main Line Monk's? Try Teresa's Next Door

Elizabeth & I drove out to a gastro-pub on the Main Line with a friend where they were hosting a Troeg's Nugget Nectar Firkin night. Bar staff went the extra mile and squeezed every drop out of that firkin...I kid you not, my pint was the last one to be had from that keg...

...see the one on the right? Last pour.

The atmosphere is between hip wine-bar and exposed-brick beer-bar, but very inviting. The hostess was nonexistent after we put our names on the waiting list...we even got passed over...but once we had a spot in the cushy booths, everything went smoothly.

We shared the artichokes...the stemmed marinated 'chokes were halved and sauteed. The crispy tops and firm stems made for great textures...the only problem was that there were only four 'chokes on the plate.

Most of the table ordered the mussels and they were plump, swimming in delicious buttery broth...comes with enough fries and bread to sop up the last drops. Like Monk's you've got an assortment of preparations...spicy...creamy...classic...hearty.

Elizabeth's croq monsieur was a fancy ham & cheese sandwich...nothing too telling.

The draft beer list is extensive...I bounced between bold stouts and hoppy IPAs all night without even coming close to trying everything they had to offer. I noticed that Teresa's has become a sort of beer-event HQ for Beer Week, which tells me that this is the go-to place on the Main Line for beer hunters

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