Friday, February 20, 2009

Homemade Fridge-Raid Pizza

The best way to get rid of all those little antipasti, meats and cheese nubs leftover from weekend small-plates dinners? Throw it on a pie!

I hand-knead the dough, let it rise about 45 minutes, toss it up, brush in olive-oil then bake it around 400.

Cooking the dough first without a topping helps to keep the pie from getting soggy...I've never been able to get a home oven to hit the pie with the heat you can't immerse the pie in that all-around pocket of heat you can from a real pizza oven, so you've gotta do this pizza in a two-step process.

Once the dough has been cooked into a perfect golden disc (say 15 minutes? You'll be able to tell when the center 'holds' without giving and the edge won't fold)I'll pull the crust out, crank the oven to 500F and start putting on the toppings.

Here's the finished product. We've got some good pepperoni from Di Bruno Bros., along with some leftover Sicilian olives, goat cheese, mozz and some roasted red-pepper slivers.


  1. MMMMM
    is that a homemade dough?

  2. Yeah, it's a homemade thin-crust...I've got the NY dough defrosting the fridge as we speak...can't wait to try it out.